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Mission Statement

JRA accepts select Judgments for enforcement and collection. Once selected, our Pursuit is consistent, powerful and relentless. We will trace, track and attack assets of the Debtor either in the debtor’s title and/or possession or in the title and/or possession of the debtor’s associates or family members. We will levy bank accounts, garnish wages, attach cash flow and seize and sell all manner of personal property including but not limited to artwork, furniture, jewelry, coins, securities, precious metals, collectibles, cars and real estate. Call the others first; when you’re finally ready to get serious, call us.

We are not a collection agency, but Judgment Recovery Specialists, which enables us a wider and more creative range of options to recover judgment debts for you or your company. When the debtor has been located, we have a very high success rate.

If you have been awarded a monetary judgment by a court of law and you have not been able to collect your money, we can help! We specialize in enforcement of Judgments and we can help you enforce your judgments.

You won your case and you are entitled to your money. Our Judgment Collection Specialists are standing by to help you get it. We value your privacy and all information is kept strictly confidential. We work on a contingency basis and do not collect any upfront fees for recovery of the judgment.

To request your free personalized case evaluation, click here and fill out our convenient Case Evaluation Request Form, or contact us directly at (714) 545-2450.

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